User Experience in Communication and Collaboration Platforms: A Comparative Study Including Discord, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom




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Mora Jiménez, Luis Diego
Ramírez Benavides, Kryscia Daviana
Quesada Quirós, Luis
López Herrera, Gustavo
Guerrero Blanco, Luis Alberto

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Due to the measures imposed to prevent the spread of the virus during the COVID-19 pandemic, how education and work communications are carried have changed. An increase in video conferencing and meeting applications is noticeable. In this research paper, we describe the results of a user experience evaluation of three widely used platforms: Discord, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. Through the User Experience Questionnaire (UEQ) application, it was determined that Discord is better in aspects not related to tasks and provides an above-average UX. On the other hand, zoom excels when it comes to tasks, but in conjunction with Microsoft Teams, it delivers below-average UX.


Palabras clave

UEQ, Discord, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, COVID-19, USER EXPERIENCE