Phenolic compounds as antiangiogenic CMG2 inhibitors from costa rican endophytic fungi




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Cao, Shugeng
Cryan, Lorna
Habeshian, Kaiane A.
Murillo Cruz, Catalina
Tamayo Castillo, Giselle
Rogers, Michael S. 
Clardy, Jon 

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Targeting and inhibiting CMG2 (Capillary Morphogenesis Gene protein 2) represents a new strategy for therapeutic agents for cancer and retinal diseases due to CMG2’s role in blood vessel growth (angiogenesis). A high throughput FRET (Förster Resonance Energy Transfer) assay was developed for the identification of CMG2 inhibitors as anti-angiogenetic agents. Bioassay-guided separation led to the isolation and identification of two new compounds (1 and 2) from CR252M, an endophytic fungus Coccomyces proteae collected from a Costa Rican rainforest, and one known compound (3) from CR1207B (Aurapex penicillata). Secondary in vitro assays indicated anti-angiogenic activity. Compound 3 inhibited the endothelial cell migration at 52 μM, but did not show any endothelial cell antiproliferative effect at 156 μM. The structure of the two new compounds, A (1) and B (2), were elucidated on the basis of extensive spectroscopic analysis, including 1D and 2D NMR experiments.


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MUSHROOM, Coccomyces proteae, Aurapex penicillata, CMG2, Phenolic, COSTA RICA