Medication Review with Follow-Up for End-Stage Renal Disease: Drug-Related Problems and Negative Outcomes Associated with Medication—A Systematic Review




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Pereira Céspedes, Alfonso
Jiménez Morales, Alberto
Palomares Bayo, Magdalena
Martínez Martínez, Fernando
Calleja Hernández, Miguel Ángel

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Background: This article reviews the available scientific literature on drug-related problems and negative outcomes associated with medications identified by medication review with follow-up for end-stage renal disease and discussed with the physicians. Methods: A systematic review was conducted of the scientific literature retrieved from the following databases: MEDLINE (via PubMed), Web of Science, SCOPUS, Cochrane Library: The Cochrane Central Register and Control Trials (CENTRAL) and Literatura Latinoamericana y del Caribe (LILACS), Medicina en Español (MEDES), and the SciELO bibliographic database (a collection of scientific journals). The following terms were used as descriptors and searched in free text: “end-stage renal disease”, “medication review”, “drug-related problems”, and “negative outcomes associated with medication”. The following limits were applied: “humans” and “adults (more than 18 years)”. Results: A total of 59 references were recovered and, after applying inclusion/exclusion criteria, 16 articles were selected. Of these selected articles, 15 provided information on drug-related problems and only 1 on negative outcomes associated with medications. Conclusions: It can be concluded that drug-related problems and negative outcomes associated with medications affect patients with end-stage renal disease, mainly those receiving renal replacement therapy. More evidence is needed, especially on negative outcomes associated with medication.


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end-stage renal disease, medication review, drug-related problems, negative outcomes associated with medication