Carotenoid composition and antioxidant activity of the raw and boiled fruit mesocarp of six populations of Bactris gasipaes




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Jatunov, Sorel
Quesada Mora, Silvia
Díaz Oreiro, Cecilia
Murillo, Enrique

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Total carotenoid content and composition of caro tenoids of six varieties of Bactris gasipaes were determined by spec trophotometry and HPLC, with photodiode array detector. Signifi cant differences in total carotenoid content (1.1 to 22.3 mg/100g) were detected among these varieties. Boiling the fruits for 30 min utes did not affect total carotenoid content, but did change the amount of some specific carotenoids, mainly by the production of Z-iso mers. Peach palm varieties had the same carotenoids, but in different proportions, presenting mainly, all E-β–carotene (26.2% to 47.9%), Z-γ-carotene (18.2% to 34.3%) and Z-lycopene (10.2% to 26.8%). When antioxidant activity was evaluated using DPPH, it was ob served that the variety with higher percentages of β-carotene (54.1%) presented the higher activity. This is one of the first reports in caro tenoid content and antioxidant activity in well typified varieties of Bactris gasipaes, whose results could have a positive impact in the consumption of certain peach palm varieties


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Bactris gasipaes, Arecaceae, DPPH, Antioxidant activity, Carotenoids, Peach palm, NUTRICIÓN, FITOQUÍMICA