From the Air to the Ground: An Experimental Approach to Assess LiPo Batteries for a Second Life




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Castro Fallas, Julio
Flores Valle, Carolina
González Flores, Diego
Quintero Cedeño, Vanessa Lisbeth
Pérez Mora, Aramis

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Many are the applications that use energy stored in lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries to power themselves. Without a doubt this type of energy storage device has changed the way of living. However, a major concern regarding these Li-ion batteries is associated on the way how they should be treated or disposed when they reach their End of Life (EoL). Although, this rises a major consideration which is that perhaps the battery reached its EoL for its original application, but there are still many other applications where these batteries can be utilized. In this regard, developing a series of simple tests to understand how a degraded Li-ion battery can transfer its stored energy for less demanding applications becomes of utmost importance. This paper illustrates how the original battery pack of a drone can be reutilized for second life applications such as a small power bank. An easy procedure is proposed to assess the capability of a degraded cell to transfer energy for other applications where the Li-ion battery is working under less stress.


Palabras clave

LITHIUM, Ion batteries, BATTERIE, Second life applications, State of Health, End of Life