User - Smart Building Interactions: An Analysis of Privacy and Productivity Human Factors




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Brenes Cambronero, Edwin
Chavarría Herrera, Jorge
Murillo Porras, Diego
Sanahuja Vindas, María Lucía
Wang Qiu, Sheng Qi
Lara Petitdemange, Adrián
López Herrera, Gustavo
Quesada Quirós, Luis
Brenes Carranza, José Antonio

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Smart buildings are increasingly becoming more common and changing the way we interact with our home, workplace, and cities. Consequently, it is important to study how human factors play a role in smart building-based environments. This research focuses on the privacy and productivity of human factors, and presents the results of two complementary evaluations: a survey in which people’s privacy concerns were analyzed and an assessment that quantifies if smart building functionalities impacts people’s productivity.


Palabras clave

Smart buildings, RIGHT TO PRIVACY, PRODUCTIVITY, HUMANS, Ubiquitous environment, Smart environment