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    Creativity in the teaching of literature: Some strategic proposals
    (2013-01-10 00:00:00) Cavallini Solano, Leda
    This paper explains a pedagogical proposal forteaching Literature in the public institutions of thesecondary education. The premise is that reading literature must be an enjoyable experience in order to do ameaningful and successful teaching and learning process in the context of middle schools of the public educational system. In this proposal, imagination andcreativity are essential, whereas the literature, ratherthan an academic subject is, first of all, an expression ofthe arts that enriches our cultural heritage.
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    Political philosophy in the service of nationalism: The case of Vincenzo Gioberti
    (2013-01-10 00:00:00) Marín Guzmán, Roberto
    This essay provides an analysis of the politicalphilosophy of Vincenzo Gioberti (1801 -1852) in the his-torical context of the efforts for the unification of Italy.The author makes a tour of the historical and culturalbackground of Gioberti’s thought, since the European Restoration (1814 - 1814), after the defeat of Napoleon,until the Risorgimento, considering the events that for-ged the political movement that would lead to the institutionalization of the Italian nation (1861). The authorexamines the nationalism of Gioberti, particularly hisopinion about Italy as the cradle of civilization, the center of Catholicism, and therefore, the natural leader ofthe Western Christian culture.
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    The culture of data
    (2013-01-10 00:00:00) Rodríguez, José Alberto
    This article is about the importance of statisticalinformation for optimal organizational performance.“Trademark” is the key word for statistical research,and this concept was the point of view of a study conduc-ted at the University of Costa Rica about the socialperception of this institution. The need to create a culture of data for information and knowledge that allowself-evaluation and innovation processes, which serve asinput in achieving the inherent objectives in the organization is emphasize.
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    Thinking of the history of thought
    (2013-01-10 00:00:00) Washburn Calvo, Jimmy
    The article discusses the relevance of studyingthe history of philosophy in higher education, as anencouragement for the teaching of philosophy. The premise is that all philosophical exercise takes place in ahistorical and cultural context, and carries the determinations of that context, so the research must considerthe space and conditions in which the philosophicalknowledge is produced and particular theories and concepts are coined. In considering the historical context ofproduction of philosophy we find elements that allow usto find analogies between the societies that producedthese philosophical and theoretical frames and our ownCentral American societies, which may face, as those,similar conditions.
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    Contemplation and salvation in the Eleusinian mysteries
    (2013-01-10 00:00:00) Masís Iverson, Katherine
    This paper describes the manner in which the Eleusinian mysteries propitiated soteria or salvationand epopteia or contemplation among their initiates. Mystery cults are cosmopolitan rather than local, andindividually rather than collectively oriented. The Eleusinian mysteries seemed to offer life-transformingpractices and rituals to their initiates.
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    “Prayer for Marilyn Monroe” by Ernesto Cardenal: On the construction of a pragmatic character
    (2013-01-10 00:00:00) Rivera Alfaro, Silvia Graciela
    The poem Oración por Marilyn Monroe, byErnesto Cardenal, was written after this famous NorthAmerican actress' death. Using a prayer as a structure,the poet moves the reader to wonder about differentsocial questions. The article studies the structure, theparticipants and the different literary methods that areused for constructing this poem. Especially, it refers tothe elements that contribute to the pragmatic characterof the text and their effect on the reader.
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    The X-ray of the body in Yolanda Blanco’s poetry
    (2013-01-10 00:00:00) Jiménez, Luis A.
    The representation of the woman body in thepoetry of Nicaraguan author Yolanda Blanco is the mainobjective of this essay. By creating the equationbody=text in the book, the writer constructs a feministsubject in confrontation with the phallocentric values inWestern culture. We explore existing dichotomies in thepoetic discourse. At the same time and by means of thelunar cycles, we examine the themes that originate fromthese phases in the textual production.
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    From absence to poetics (fragments of amorous discourse in Machado)
    (2013-01-10 00:00:00) Herrera Ávila, Tatiana
    This paper analyzes the poem by AntonioMachado entitled “Other songs to Guiomar” and propo-ses that the text constructs a poetic that is shaped fromthe absence of the beloved, using as points of analysisthe poet’s notion of love and several of the figures propo-sed in Roland Barthes’ A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments.
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    The novel Los dorados by Sergio Muñoz: Hierarchy and exclusion in Costa Rican society
    (2013-01-10 00:00:00) Rojas Rodríguez, María Eugenia
    Sergio Muñoz text explains the socioeconomicproblems of the Costa Rican community, which are tangible and evident. The contribution of his story revealsthe character life in order to exceed the reality by meansof the dialogue with the reader.The novel takes place in marginal urban life andshores the daily life of some excluded human beings. Itis a story from the below, and the depicts inside andoutside of the abusers, the alcoholics, the prostitutes,single mothers, the deprived of liberty, which in somecases have already served their sentences, itinerantmerchants, those who invade someone else’s invade land, and presents children, men and women trying tosurvive in this so unequal world.
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    The aesthetics of the sublime in the section El Jorullo in the Rusticatio Mexicana
    (2013-01-10 00:00:00) Cuvardic García, Dorde
    This essay presents an analysis, based on theaesthetics of the sublime, of the work Rusticatio Mexicana(1782), Section II, from Guatemalan writer RafaelLandivar (1731-1793). The narrative on the eruption of Jorullo Volcano follows the standard procedures of clas-sicism, but also contributes to the representation of theuniqueness of America. In this contribution one candetect elements of sensist philosophy, as well as catego-rizations that can be analyzed by the aesthetic theoriesof sublimity (Addison, Burke, Kant), which highlight thehuman experience of the sublime, which is observed inthe spectacular nature, in contrast to the experience ofbeauty, noticeable in the human work of art.
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    The art of deduction: Holmes’ mark on the media
    (2013-01-10 00:00:00) Beeche Antezana, Sergio; Calderón Sánchez, Estefanía
    The present article has the intention to analyzethe characteristics, relationships and audiovisual representations of famous literary character Sherlock Holmes,created by British writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.Taking the classic writings to make relevant compari-sons with the most recent adaptation from British tele-vision, noting that a different perspective can give greatinnovation of ideas, characters and scenarios.
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    A critical review of the construction of a myth in the autos sacramentales The Great Theater of the World and Life is a Dream by Pedro Calderón de la Barca
    (2013-01-10 00:00:00) González Muñoz, Irene
    This paper is a critical review that evidences theideological premises that support two autos sacramentales authored by Pedro Calderón de la Barca.