Revista de Matemáticas 13(1)

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    Aplicación de la búsqueda tabú en regresión no lineal
    (2009-02-20 00:00:00) Villalobos Arias, Mario Alberto; Trejos Zelaya, Javier; de los Cobos Silva, Sergio Gerardo
    We implement the combinatorial optimization technique known as tabu search inthe parameter estimation problem in a given non linear model. For the generationof neighbors, the implementation is based on a discretization of the parameter space,which is covered by a mesh. We present some comparative results on real or simulateddata.Keywords: regression, parameter estimation, combinatorial optimization, local minima.
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    Mmds and 2d scattering problem by cylindrical structure with piece-wise smooth boundary
    (2009-02-20 00:00:00) Anyutin, Alexander P.; Stasevich, V.I.
    An universal modification of the method of discrete sources (MMDS) was appliedfor solving 2D Dirichlet or Neumann boundary problem when the scatterer’s contour isa piece-wise smooth contour. The problems of accuracy, choosing auxiliary contours,stable results, location and type of contour’s break points are discussed.Keywords: Modification of the method of discrete sources, piece-wise smooth boundary,accuracy.
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    Formalización de una teoría de la mentalidad
    (2009-02-20 00:00:00) Ulate Montero, Fernán
    We introduce a model based in Game Theory, and those used primarily in biology(evolutionary games) to understand history. We are interested in use the model tounderstand the last years of the colony of Costa Rica. We proved several mathematicalresults.Keywords: Game theory, Nash equilibrium, evolution, cultural change, history.
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    Deformaciones isométricas infinitesimales de una clase de superficies pegadas
    (2009-02-20 00:00:00) Trejos, Olman
    In this work the sufficient condition of rigidity of a stuck 4-dimensional surface inthe Euclidean 6-dimensional space is demonstrated. This surface represents in himself,the product of Riemann of two surfaces, each one of which it is in the Euclidean 3-dimensional space and one of them is a stuck surfaceKeywords: Riemann product, stuck surface, infinitesimal condition of juxtaposition, toreper, to coreper, variety, subvariety, difeomorfism, deformations, isometric deformation,infinitesimal isometric deformation, field of infinitesimal deformations.
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    A formula for complex zonal polynomials of second order
    (2009-02-20 00:00:00) Caro Lopera, Francisco J.; González Farías, Graciela; Díaz García, José A.
    A formula for complex zonal polynomials of second order is derived by solving aparticular partial differential equation.Keywords: Laplace-Beltrami operator, zonal polynomials, Hermitian matrix, Legendre’sdifferential equation.
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    Rigidez de una superficie con puntos singulares
    (2009-02-20 00:00:00) Chkryl, Elena
    The infinitesimal isometric deformations of a type of surface with singular pointsare considered and a sufficient condition of rigidity of such surfaces is demonstrated.Keywords: Surface with singular points, Gauss formula, typical number.
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    Generadores de números primos y factorizadores de números compuestos
    (2009-02-20 00:00:00) Bulat, Mijail; Leon, Dumitru; Bivol, Leon; Ciobanu, Iacob; Zgureanu, Aurel
    The sequence of natural numbers presents itself as a multidimensional array. Twoproblems are solved on the basis of these arrays:a) distribution of prime numbers in multidimensional array,b) factoring of composite numbers.For solving the problems related to the distribution of prime numbers, there was developeda generator of prime numbers in the Delphi programming language. Theprogram serves as well as a generator of Mersenne composite numbers. While generatinga Mersenne composite number, one of its divisors is automatically defined.The problem of factoring in Delphi is solved for numbers of the form 2i ?1, wherei is a natural number. Mersenne composite numbers are factoring in particular for theprime i.Keywords: multidimensional array, divisor prime, Mersenne numbers.