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    Digital Technology in Libraries in Paraguay
    (2013-07-01 00:00:00) Rosas de Maidana, María Teresa
    The motivation for this research work is to make delivery of the updated diagnostic study of the use of digital technology in libraries in Paraguay, taking as shows those that are located in the centers concerning education or headers, in the country called institutions center. Aiming at the investigative work on improving the availability and access to the information material for the benefit of the education and research. For the data collection uses the technique of observation and non-structured interview with the staff of the library, and to national benchmarks in technology development. Thus, the article presents the encroachment of technology, giving assessments in the national ICT concepts, digital divide and information literacy. To the knowledge that the libraries are centers for information, recreation and culture, the use and application of digital technology is considered appropriate and necessary to support the librarian management, with use of the technology. The quality and excellence in the management of libraries is given in the services it provides to its environment, its community, hence the usufruct of the technology located in the unit of information or library as a reference in the country. Forward in order to be the protagonist in technological innovations with the growth of the knowledge of citizenship in the literacy, communication and use of the information provided by the same. Is achieved citizens gradual incursion of technology, with research work objectives in promoting the sharing of information through technology, developing databases and the creation of networks towards the improvement of the availability and access to information materials. Resulting from this process, the effect of cooperative and collaborative information units in gathering information either directly for the educational community.
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    Tactics to poison oblivion: from the rock memory to the Cibernet
    (2013-07-01 00:00:00) Villalobos Villalobos, Carlos Manuel
    Conference as part of The Book Day, April 23, 2013. Faculty of Education. School of Library and Information Science.
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    Mental Maps Usage as a Didactic Tool in the Research Processes Performed by the Industrial Engineering Students of the Industrial Engineering Carreer
    (2013-07-01 00:00:00) Roig Zamora, José; Araya Ramírez, Jessica
    This paper develops an innovation that was applied in the research process conducted by the students of undergraduate level of Industrial Engineering, in relation to the implementation of mental maps. Here, we present a theoretical foundation for the concept and mind mapping application in the construction of knowledge, and later, systematization of the results of the application of this teaching strategy, regarding the research process developed by students in their graduation project mentioned career. In the application of innovation considered three research projects conducted in the form of Graduation Project between 2010 and 2012, in which eight students participated. The systematization of this experience allowed us to determine that the implementation of the mental map is a tool that facilitates decision-making in relation to the organization and reorganization of the stages of a research process, and also allows the construction and reconstruction of scientific knowledge and academic by the student.
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    How to provide services Selective Dissemination of Information (S.D.I.) through Virtual Learning Platforms (V.L.P.)?: A proposed system convergence
    (2013-07-01 00:00:00) Meza Pérez, José Pablo
    The selective dissemination of information services; despite their popularity as services of the information units, some have not achieved to contextualized to the new reality of the information society. This happens especially on those that are provided in traditional formats and caught in the change from analogue to digital means. These are not only a mechanism to spread the resources from the information units. They can also be an instrument to bring the patron’s community closer through the service provision in the virtual learning platforms and the social networking tools or web 2.0. Their development and raid to the new scenario will be part of the rebranding strategy of these services.
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    The Librarian as a reading motivator from the school library
    (2013-07-01 00:00:00) Chaves Salgado, Lorena
    This essay discusses the importance of developing the habit of reading in the life of children. Furthermore, it highlights the commitment of the school librarian as an enhancer of this reading experience.
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    The Information in the Management
    (2013-07-01 00:00:00) Martínez Musiño, Celso
    Descriptive research results, whose principal objective is to study the theoretical basis of information in the management, as principal results are: management is a practical discipline that focuses in process study (planning, organizing, directing, and controlling). Some conclusions are: a) information in the management has its origin in data, it helps in decision making, and managers adopted it as certain roles; b): information is an element of recent inclusion in management definition; information is a key component in organizations.
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    A bibliometric analysis of the scientific production of Center for Geophysical Research (CIGEFI) of the University of Costa Rica in scientific journals from 1979 to 2011
    (2013-07-01 00:00:00) Nicaragua Nicaragua, Rosa
    This scientific article presents an analysis about the work belonging to the Center for Geophysical Research (CIGEFI) of the University of Costa Rica since its inception in 1979 until 2011. It highlights the most productive years, and also the most prolific authors and journals that published the most amount of material in the range of time studied. This paper is the result of the final work of Infometría, a fourth-year class belonging to the Library Science career with emphasis in Information Science of the University of Costa Rica.
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    Mobile Technology: the development of systems and applications for the Information Units
    (2013-07-01 00:00:00) Garita Araya, Raúl Alberto
    The Information Units have faced changes along with society; they manage to adapt and in most cases evolve to improve with services and products to reach and satisfy a greater quantity of users.  Nevertheless, this evolution caused mainly by the advances in technology, has not been equal for all and many libraries have remained on the road with dated administration systems and stiff bibliographical description that should be history.  Currently, the system in the web environment provides the tools, the storage and access in the cloud.  Librarians today must take advantage of the opportunities of such technological innovations in order to develop its own tools and customize useful mobile “apps” to deliver unlimited access and attract users according to their individual or group interests so to diminish the user´s information gap, a challenge worthwhile the effort.