Revista de Biología Tropical Vol.38 (1)

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    Intoxicación paralítica por mariscos (IPM) por Spondylus calcifer contaminado con Pirodinium bahamense, Costa Rica, 1989-1990
    (1990) Mata Jiménez, Leonardo; Abarca, Gabriela; Marranghello, Leonardo; Víquez, Roxana
    This paper describes an outbreak of paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP), affecting human populations on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica in October 1989. Numbness in arms, face and legs occurred 30 to 45 minutes after ingestion of the large clam Spoisdyliss cakVer. Paralysis of legs and respiratory symptoms followed, often persisting for one week. Large amounts of the dinoflagellate Pyrodinism Italian:nu were found in the intestine of the mollusk. A toxin was detected in crude or filtered and heated macerates of intestine, muscle, mantle and hepatopancreas of S. calcite and to a lesser extent Tageha sp, by injection of its crude or Mimed extracts in white mice. The effects in mice conaisted in pandyris and asphyxia generally leading to death in less than 5 minutes, compatible with saxitoxin. Mice were killed by the toxin in macerates diluted 1:100 to 1:1000. No satin was detected in Andover tabercidoca (Bivalvia ) or in peneid. Prevention rests on intersectoral actions betweat state and private sectors in charge of fishing, distribution and marketing of shellfish, as well as on education of the population at large.