Fruit Processing in Central America and Mexico




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Velázquez Carrillo, Ana Carmela
Pérez Carvajal, Ana Mercedes
Prado Barragán, Lilia Arely

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The fruit production and processing in Central America and Mexico are discussed in this chapter, considering the volume of production, the competitiveness that this crops have in the region and world, and some sociocultural differences between the countries that help to explain the different aspects of the agro–industry. Central American countries are world leaders in agricultural production in tropical fruits like banana and pineapple, and Mexico places importance on agriculture also and is the world leader in products like avocado, coffee, and citrus fruits. The compositions of these major tropical fruits are analyzed and compared, considering not only nutrients, but also biological activities related to major molecules of special interest.


Palabras clave

Biological activity, Central America, Costa Rica, Fruit composition, Fruit processing, Fruit production, Mexico, Tropical fruits