Seagrass morphometrics at species level in Moreton Bay, Australia from 2012 to 2013




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Samper Villarreal, Jimena
Roelfsema, Chris
Kovacs, Eva M.
Adi, Novi Susetyo
Lyons, Mitchell
Mumby, Peter J.
Lovelock, Catherine E.
Saunders, Megan Irene
Phinn, Stuart R.

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Seagrass above, below and total biomass, density and leaf area, length and width were quantified at a species level for 122 sites over three sampling periods in Moreton Bay, Australia. Core samples were collected in two regions: (1) a high water quality region with varying species assemblages and canopy complexity (98 sites); and (2) along a turbidity gradient in the bay (24 sites within four locations). Core samples were collected using a 15 cm diameter×20 cm long corer. Seagrass dry biomass per component was quantified per species present in each sample. A total of 220 biomass and density data records are included, 130 from the high water quality region and 90 from the turbidity gradient. These data provide a detailed assessment of biomass, density and leaf metrics per species sampled from Moreton Bay over 2012–2013. In future, these can be used as a baseline to assess seasonal and spatial variation within the bay, within the region and among regions.


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Natural variation in plants, Seagrass morphometrics, Species level, Australia