How using various platforms shapes awareness of algorithms




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Espinoza Rojas, Johan
Siles González, Ignacio
Castelain, Thomas

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This paper examines how the use of multiple platforms is tied to awareness of algorithms. It builds on the premise that users interact with ecologies or environments of technologies rather than single platforms. The study also supplements work on algorithmic awareness by implementing a mixed-method study to account for how Costa Rican users of Netflix and Spotify understood and related to the algorithms of these platforms. This study combined a survey of 258 participants and 21 in-depth semistructured interviews. Findings demonstrate that multi-platform users were more aware of algorithms and carried out more practical actions to obtain algorithmic recommendations than single-platform users. Although user type did not predict participants’ attitudes towards algorithmic recommendations, higher levels of awareness were associated with more positive attitudes towards algorithms. The study also shows that differences in levels of awareness explained users’ emotional arousal derived from algorithms.


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Algoritmos, Awareness, Cognición, América Latina, Netflix, Spotify