Fundamental parameters for a minimal mass design of prismatic tensegrity cylinder subjected to a compressive force




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Vumiliya, Angelo
Luo, Ani
Liu, Heping
González Fallas, Ricardo Andrés

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This paper aims to propose a study on the static behavior of prismatic tensegrity structures and an innovative form for determining the effect of mechanical properties and geometric parameters on the minimal mass design of these structures. Design/methodology/approach: The minimal mass design in this paper considers a stable class-two tensegrity tower built through stable models. Using the proposed structures, comprehensive parametric studies are performed to examine the mass (in which the masses of joints are ignored), the mass ratio between a class-two tensegrity tower and a single element, both having the same diameter and length and afterward determine a reliable mass saving structure under various circumstances. Findings: The simulations show that the mass ratio versus the number of units is a nonlinear regressive curve and predicts that the proposed model outperforms the standard model when the variation parameter considered is a vertical force. The difference in mass between these structures is visible when the gap gradually decreases while the number of units increases. On the geometrical aspect, the gap between the masses is not significant. Originality/value: This paper helps to understand the influences of geometric parameters and the mechanical properties on the design of cylinder tensegrity structures dealing with a compressive force.


Palabras clave

Configuration, TYPOLOGY, Equilibrium formulation, Mass ratio, Structural comparison