The Hubble Constant and the Deceleration Parameter in Anisotropic Cosmological Spaces of Petrov type D




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Alvarado Marín, Rodrigo Eduardo

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In this paper the Hubble parameter and the deceleration parameter are analyzed for a group of anisotropic homogeneous solutions of the Petrov type-D. It is obtained that for the said set of solutions can be constructed a representative average value of the Hubble constant and the deceleration parameter; both matching with their analogues obtained for the FRWL Flat model or the Kasner’s solution depending on the time values; however, the parameters depend on time, so their values or tendency, evolve significantly regarding time, in most cases compared to the ones of FRWL’s or Kasner’s. The average value for those parameters does not depend on whether the expansion is greater on one axis than on the perpendicular plane to this, or otherwise. The deceleration parameter q, for models where λ < −1/3 change signs, when time augments, so it is presented a process of initial deceleration that trough the augmentation changes to another one of acceleration.


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Cosmology, Hubble, Deceleration, Parameter, Exact, Solution, Einstein