Recent Submissions

  • The forgotten habitats in conservation: early successional vegetation 

    Sandoval Vargas, Luis Andrés; Morales Sánchez, Carlos; Ramírez Fernández, José Daniel; Hanson Snortun, Paul; Murillo Hiller, Luis Ricardo; Barrantes Montero, Gilbert (2019)
    Conservation efforts in terrestrial environments have focused on preserving patches of natural habitats and restoring disturbed habitats, with the main goal of transforming them into forests or habitats that resemble the ...
  • Shade tolerance within the context of the successional process in tropical rain forests 

    Ávalos Rodríguez, Gerardo (2019)
    Abstract: Shade tolerance (the capacity to survive and grow over long periods under shade) is a key component of plant fitness and the foundation of current theories of forest succession in tropical rain forests. It serves ...