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    • Solutions for sustainable mariculture - avoiding the adverse effects of mariculture on biological diversity 

      Armah, Ayi Kwei; Arroyo Mora, Daisy; Barg, Uwe; Bartley, Devin; Cataudella, Stefano; Ekaratne, S.U.K.; Franicevic, Vlasta; Goulletquer, Phillippe; Lovatelli, Alessandro; McMahon, Terry; Nader, Manal; Pina Amargós, Fabián; Rathacharen, Shyama; Razinkovas, Arturas; Seki, Tetsuo; Shariff, Mohamed; Soto Benavides, Doris; Waller, Uwe; Williams, Stella; Yusoff, Fatimah Md.; Zagranitchnyi, Serguei V. (2004-01)
      The Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group on Mariculture was established by the Conference of the Parties in adopting the programme of work on marine and coastal biological diversity at its fourth meeting (decision IV/5, annex). ...