Policies of Kérwá Institutional Repository

The OAI repository:

Policy of use of metadata

  • Anyone may access the metadata free of charge.
  • Reuse of metadata is permitted for no commercial purposes, you must mention Kérwá and include a link to the original metadata.
  • Each item specifies its license. Please review the license before using an item to ensure you have the rights to do so. Commercial use of any of the items is not permitted, unless it is specified in its license. If you want to make a different use of such allowed in the license please contact the rights owner.
  • Metadata cannot be reused commercially without formally permission of the University of Costa Rica.

Data Policy for full documents and other items

  • Kérwá is an open access repository. Anyone can download the items for free and without registration.
  • The documents hosted here can be downloaded, copied and reproduced if it is for educational or research purposes.
  • If you want to use the documents in Kérwá, you should always include the author's name, the title of the work and other bibliographic data required for the compilation of references. It should also include a link to the original document and ensure the integrity of the work.
  • The items in this repository cannot be used for commercial purposes without the formal permission of the owner, unless they contain a license to the contrary.
  • Some items in this repository are licensed for distribution and different permissions. Please carefully review the details of the each license.
  • This is a self-archiving repository and it does not count as publisher; it is only an online archive.
  • Kérwá Repository mention is appreciated but not required.

Policy of content

  • Kérwá is the Institutional Repository of the University of Costa Rica and accepts a variety of document types and versions, including: working drafts, revision versions (of a document that was sent to journals peer review. Pre-print), accepted version (final version of the author peer-reviewed. Post-print), published versions (publisher-created files or final layout).
  • Each item is individually described with its publication status.
  • The main languages of this repository are Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French. Documents in other languages are also accepted.

Submission Policy concerning depositors, quality and copyright

  • This repository only accepts submitions from academic personnel, staff and active students at the University of Costa Rica or its designees to deposit.
  • Depositors must deposit bibliographic metadata for all their submittions.
  • Depositors can deposit full texts of all their publications, although they may specify a period of publishing embargo, which will make the item visible only until the embargo is over.
  • Class assignments must have the authorization of the corresponding teacher. The authorization must be sent to the mail kerwa.ucr.ac.cr
  • The administrator will authorize only the deposits that meet the eligibility criteria of the author, which are relevant to the scope of Kérwá, and are presented in a valid format.
  • The validity and authenticity of the content of communications is the sole responsibility of the depositor.
  • Item can be deposited at any time, but they are not publicly visible until any embargo period of publishers or funders has expired.
  • Any violation of copyright is exclusive responsibility of the authors/depositors. If Kérwá receives copyright violation proof, the relevant item will be removed immediately.

Persistent URL and metadata Dublin Core: Kérwá uses Dublin Core metadata standard http://dublincore.org/ and "handle" service to permanently identify each record. Thus, the location of the documents on the Web is easier and effective.

OAI-PMH: The OAI-PMH protocol (Open Archives Initiative-Protocol Metadata Harvesting) is an independent interoperability tool of the app that allows the exchange of information, so that from different points (service providers) searches can be made covering information collected in different associated repositories (data providers). (definition taken from Wikipedia)