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dc.creatorSiles González, Ignacio
dc.creatorSegura Castillo, Andrés
dc.creatorSancho, Mónica
dc.creatorSolís Quesada, Ricardo
dc.description.abstractThis article bridges work on media technologies and affect theories through an analysis of how users appropriate playlists on Spotify. Our study draws on 30 interviews with users of music streaming services in Costa Rica and an analysis of their accounts on these platforms. We discuss how users create playlists as a means to cultivate affect. The notion of cultivation stresses the dynamic and ritual work involved in producing, capturing, and exploring moods and emotions. We argue that playlists work as “genres”—fusions of musical substance, sociotechnological assemblages, and sociomaterial practices—to respond to the exigencies of affect. This helps turning the platform into an obligatory intermediary in the establishment of a utilitarian relationship between users and music. We draw on Berlant’s notion of “intimate public” to analyze how playlists form the basis of collective experiences that serve Spotify’s political-economic project. As material embodiments of cultivated affect, playlists offer a promise of identification and belonging to “intimate publics” formed by strangers through the specific bonds between music, technology, and affect they enact (as genres). Our analysis concludes with a discussion of the implications of our study for rethinking the relationship between technology, affect, and genre.es_ES
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 Internacional*
dc.sourceSocial Media + Society, vol.5(2), pp. 1-11es_ES
dc.subjectLatin Americaes_ES
dc.subjectStreaming serviceses_ES
dc.subject152.4 Emociones y sentimientoses_ES
dc.titleGenres as Social Affect: Cultivating Moods and Emotions through Playlists on Spotifyes_ES
dc.typeartículo científicoes_ES
dc.description.procedenceUCR::Vicerrectoría de Investigación::Unidades de Investigación::Ciencias Sociales::Centro de Investigación en Comunicación (CICOM)es_ES
dc.description.procedenceUCR::Vicerrectoría de Docencia::Ciencias Sociales::Facultad de Ciencias Sociales::Escuela de Ciencias de la Comunicación Colectivaes_ES

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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 Internacional
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