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dc.creatorMartínez Franzoni, Juliana
dc.creatorSánchez Ancochea, Diego
dc.creatorChandra, Vandana
dc.creatorMignon, Duffy
dc.creatorErnst, Dieter
dc.creatorFerraro, Vincent
dc.creatorFord, Martin
dc.creatorNubler, Irmgard
dc.creatorPollin, Robert
dc.creatorRueda, David
dc.creatorStanding, Guy
dc.creatorThewissen, Stefan
dc.description.abstractIn Confronting Dystopia, a distinguished group of scholars analyze the implications of the ongoing technological revolution for jobs, working conditions, and income. Focusing on the economic and political implications of AI, digital connectivity, and robotics for both the Global North and the Global South, they move beyond diagnostics to seek solutions that offer better lives for all. Their analyses of the challenges of technology are placed against the backdrop of three decades of rapid economic globalization. The two in tandem are producing the daunting challenges that analysts and policymakers must now confront. The conjuncture of recent advances in AI, machine learning, and robotization portends a vast displacement of human labor, argues the editor, Eva Paus. As Confronting Dystopia shows, we are on the eve of—indeed we are already amid—a technological revolution that will impact profoundly the livelihoods of people everywhere in the world. Across a broad and deep set of topics, the contributors explore whether the need for labor will inexorably shrink in the coming decades, how pressure on employment will impact human well-being, and what new institutional arrangements—a new social contract, for example, will be needed to sustain livelihoods. They evaluate such proposals as a basic income, universal social services, and investments that address key global challenges and create new jobs.es_ES
dc.sourceIn: Confronting Dystopia: The New Technological Revolution and The Future of Work. Eva Paus (ed.). Estados Unidos: Cornell University Press.es_ES
dc.titleWhy and How to Build Universal Social Policy in the Southes_ES
dc.typecapítulo de libro
dc.description.procedenceUCR::Vicerrectoría de Docencia::Ciencias Sociales::Facultad de Ciencias Sociales::Escuela de Ciencias Políticases_ES

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