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    • Expression of Olig2, Nestin, NogoA and AQP4 have no impact on overall survival in IDH- wildtype glioblastoma 

      Behling, Felix; Barrantes Freer, Alonso; Behnes, Carl Ludwig; Stockhammer, Florian; Rohde, Veit; Adel Horowski, Antonia; Rodríguez Villagra, Odir Antonio; Barboza Elizondo, Miguel; Brück, Wolfgang; Lehmann, Ulrich; Stadelmann Nessler, Christine; Hartmann, Christian (2020)
      Despite many years of research efforts and clinical trials the prognosis of patients diagnosed with glioblastoma remains very poor. The oligodendrocyte transcription factor 2 (Olig2) was identified as a marker for glioma ...