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    • A systematic review of the relationship between familism and mental health outcomes in Latino population 

      Valdivieso Mora, Esmeralda; Peet, Casie L.; Garnier Villarreal, Mauricio; Salazar Villanea, Mónica; Johnson, David K. (2016-10-25)
      Background: Familismo or familism is a cultural value frequently seen in Hispanic cultures, in which a higher emphasis is placed on the family unit in terms of respect, support, obligation, and reference. Familism has been ...
    • Depressive Symptoms Affect Working Memory in Healthy Older Adult Hispanics 

      Salazar Villanea, Mónica; Liebmann, Edward; Garnier Villarreal, Mauricio; Montenegro Montenegro, Esteban; Johnson, David K. (2015-09-27)
      Objectives: Low and middle income nations will experience an unprecedented growth of the elderly population and subsequent increase in age-related neurological disorders. Worldwide prevalence and incidence of all-types of ...