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    • Semblanza de Luis Fernando Aragón, investigador UCR 

      Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (2010-09-04)
      Este video es una semblanza del investigador Luis Fernando Aragón, originalmente transmitida por Canal UCR. En ella se mencionan algunas de sus investigaciones, principalmente en el área de hidratación. Además, se presentan ...
    • Significado de la (des)igualdad de oportunidades en la educación 

      Muñoz Varela, Luis (2018)
      La desigualdad de oportunidades en la educación es recurrente y estructural en Costa Rica. Tiene una naturaleza dinámica, disminuye aquí, se agudiza allá, es difícil de contener y está siempre presente, distribuyéndose ...
    • Some Thoughts on Christianity and Sports 

      Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (Conquista Cristiana Enero/Febrero, 1991, 1991-01)
      There is a need to discuss, starting from some basic Christian truths, to what extent the Christian and athletic ideals are compatible; how sports could help modern men and women to be better Christians, and what kind of ...
    • Spatial Codes in Visual-Motor Task Performance: Translation between Vertical and Horizontal Planes 

      Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando; Worringham, Charles J. (1994-05)
      This study was designed to investigate the effects of plane translation on visual-motor task performance. Two available models that try to explain human motor performance under different operator/machine interaction ...
    • Su instructor demuestra 

      Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (1995)
      Este programa ilustra distintos ejercicios para el desarrollo muscular, con su respectiva descripción y los músculos principales que se trabajan.
    • Sweat test with Ronaldinho 

      Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (2007)
      This video highlights some of the details of a sweat test performed with soccer star Ronaldinho, when he was still playing for FC Barcelona and the Brazilian National Team. The test was carried out at the University of ...
    • Los temidos abdominales 

      Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (1994)
      Este programa constituye una sesión práctica de ejercicios para los músculos abdominales, con su respectiva descripción y algunas recomendaciones para realizarlos.
    • Termorregulación e hidratación en niños que realizan actividad física 

      Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (1999)
      Durante la actividad física, los seres humanos generamos calor que debe ser disipado al medio ambiente de manera eficiente, para evitar un aumento en la temperatura corporal que podría ser perjudicial no sólo para el ...
    • The effect of attentional focus in balancing tasks: A systematic review with meta-analysis 

      Kim, Taewon; Jiménez Díaz, Judith; Chen, Jing (2017)
      Purpose: The present study was to use the aggregate data meta-analytic approach to examine the effects of attentional focus during balancing tasks in motor learning. Method: A literature search was conducted based on ...
    • The Effects of Acute and Chronic Exercise on Paraoxonase-1 (PON1): A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis 

      Taylor, James K.; Carpio Rivera, Elizabeth; Chacón Araya, Yamileth; Grandjean, Peter Walter; Moncada Jiménez, José (2020-09-17)
      Purpose: To determine the acute and chronic effects of exercise on Paraoxonase-1 (PON1) concentration and activity. Methods: A literature search was performed using 16 electronic databases. Effect sizes (ES) were computed ...
    • The Elite Athlete’s Challenge to Maintain Proper Hydration 

      Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (2004)
      This presentation at the Pre-Olympic Congress in 2004 addresses the importance of maintaining proper hydration during sports competition, and the obstacles faced by competitors.
    • The Ethics of Scientific Research (with Particular Emphasis on Exercise and Movement Science) 

      Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (2015-07)
      This paper reviews how we arrived at the current state of affairs in the ethical practice of scientific research, discussing some issues that are particularly pertinent to the exercise scientist. The paper focuses on two ...
    • The influence of asymmetric force requirements on a multi-frequency bimanual coordination task 

      Kennedy, Deanna M.; Rhee, Joohyun; Jiménez Díaz, Judith; Shea, Charles H. (2017)
      An experiment was designed to determine the impact of the force requirements on the pro-duction of bimanual 1:2 coordination patterns requiring the same (symmetric) or different(asymmetric) forces when Lissajous displays ...
    • The Need of Other Elements 

      Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (2016)
      A number of natural drinks and ingredients used in hydration beverages have been discussed, focusing on their effectiveness for post-exercise rehydration. Because of excess diuresis, complete, rapid, and sustained restoration ...
    • The Sweating Response of Elite Professional Soccer Players to Training in the Heat 

      Shirreffs, Susan Margaret; Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando; Chamorro, M.; Maughan, Ronald J.; Serratosa, Luis; Zachwieja, Jeff J. (2005)
      Sweat rate and sweat composition vary extensively between individuals, and quantification of these losses has a role to play in the individualisation of a hydration strategy to optimise training and competitive performance. ...
    • Thirst Perception Tracks Progressive Dehydration During Exercise In The Heat 

      Capitán Jiménez, Catalina; Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (2014-05)
      Thirst is claimed to be a perfect measure of fluid needs, but insufficient information is available on the association between thirst perception and actual dehydration. Purpose: to assess the strength of the actual ...
    • Thirst response to post-exercise fluid replacement needs and controlled drinking 

      Capitán Jiménez, Catalina; Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (2016)
      Perceived thirst (TP) was evaluated as a dependent variable: can it distinguish among several levels of acute dehydration, is it reliable, and how does it respond to the ingestion of a fixed water volume post exercise? In ...
    • Tour de Coche: La rehidratación con cerveza después del ejercicio en el calor. 

      Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (2014)
      Este video muestra a un grupo de expertos en hidratación (Bob Murray, Ph.D.;David Lamb,Ph.D; Pedro Reinaldo García, M.Sc.; Luis Aragón, Ph.D.) que se quedaron sin líquidos durante una expedición de bicicleta de montaña en ...
    • Tour de Coche: Rehydrating with beer after exercise in the heat 

      Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (2014)
      This video portrays a group of hydration experts (Bob Murray, Ph.D.;David Lamb,Ph.D; Pedro Reinaldo García, M.Sc.; Luis Aragón, Ph.D.) who ran out of fluid during a mountain biking expedition in the island of Coche, ...
    • UCR cuestiona eficacia de dos máquinas para hacer ejercicio en casa sin sudar 

      Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (2020)
      Este reportaje periodístico de Irene Rodríguez comunica al público en lenguaje cotidiano los resultados de dos investigaciones realizadas en el CIMOHU de la UCR.