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    • Variability of the Caribbean low-level jet during borealwinter: large-scale forcings 

      Maldonado Mora, Tito José; Rutgersson, Anna; Amador Astúa, Jorge Alberto; Alfaro Martínez, Eric J.; Claremar, Björn (2016)
      An index capturing the anomalies of the zonal wind at 925 hPa from 1950 to 2010 was defined to explore the relationship between the fluctuations of the Caribbean low-level jet (CLLJ) and the main climate variability modes ...
    • Vertical accretion and carbon burial rates in subtropical seagrass meadows increased following anthropogenic pressure from European colonisation 

      Samper Villarreal, Jimena; Mumby, Peter J.; Saunders, Megan Irene; Barry, Linda A.; Zawadzki, Atun; Heijnis, Hendrik; Morelli, Guia; Lovelock, Catherine E. (2018)
      Seagrass meadows serve as marine carbon sinks, though rates of carbon burial and sediment accretion may vary within and among seagrass meadows due to spatial and temporal variability in sedimentary and biophysical conditions. ...
    • Widespread local chronic stressors in Caribbean coastal habitats 

      Chollett, Iliana; Collin, Rachel; Bastidas, Carolina; Cróquer, Aldo; Gayle, Peter M. H.; Jordán Dahlgren, Eric; Patterson, Heather M.; Koltes, Karen H.; Oxenford, Hazel A.; Rodríguez Ramírez, Alberto; Weil, Ernesto; Alemu I., Jahson B.; Bone, David; Buchan, Kenneth C.; Creary Ford, Marcia; Escalante Mancera, Edgar; Garzón Ferreira, Jaime; Guzmán Espinal, Héctor M.; Kjerfve, Björn; Klein Salas, Eduardo; McCoy, Croy; Potts, Arthur C.; Ruíz Rentería, Francisco; Smith, Struan R.; Tschirky, John J.; Cortés Núñez, Jorge (2017)
      Coastal ecosystems and the livelihoods they support are threatened by stressors acting at global and local scales. Here we used the data produced by the Caribbean Coastal Marine Productivity program (CARICOMP), the longest, ...