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  • Phenolic variation among Chamaecrista nictitans subspecies and varieties revealed through UPLC-ESI(-)-MS/MS chemical fingerprinting 

    Quirós Guerrero, Luis Manuel; Albertazzi Castro, Federico José; Araya Valverde, Emanuel; Romero Chacón, Rosaura María; Villalobos Barrantes, Heidy M.; Poveda Álvarez, Luis Jorge; Chavarría Vargas, Max; Tamayo Castillo, Giselle (2019-01-19)
    Introduction Comparative analysis of metabolic features of plants has a high potential for determination of quality control of active ingredients, ecological or chemotaxonomic purposes. Specifically, the development of ...
  • Biodiversity Prospecting: The INBio Experience 

    Tamayo Castillo, Giselle; Guevara Fernández, Ana Lorena; Gámez Lobo, Rodrigo (2004)
    Bioprospecting is defined as the systematic search for genes, compounds, designs, and organisms that might have a potential economic use and might lead to a product development. In 1991, Costa Rica's National Institute of ...
  • Bioprospecting 

    Mateo, Nicolás; Nader, Werner; Tamayo Castillo, Giselle (2001)
    Bioprospecting is the systematic search for genes, natural compounds designs and whole organisms in wild life with a potential for product development by biological observation and biophsical, biochemical, and genetic ...
  • Separation of crude plant extracts with high speed CCC for primary screening in drug discovery 

    Harris, Guy H.; Armbruster, Jean A.; Borris, Robert P.; Jiménez Madrigal, Quírico; Zamora, Nelson A.; Tamayo Castillo, Giselle (2001)
    High speed countercurrent chromatography (HSCCC) was used in a pre-fractionation pilot study to improve the quality of crude plant samples for primary screening in drug discovery efforts. The methanol ...
  • Alkaloid contents in members of Lycopodiales 

    Tamayo Castillo, Giselle; Romero Chacón, Rosaura María; Rosales Ovares, Kattia; Jiménez, Allan; Jiménez Somarribas, Alberto; Montenegro, Héctor; Rodríguez Arrieta, Jesús Alexander; Vargas, Luis Diego (2001)
    The composition of alkaloids in fifteen species that belong to the Lycopodiales, which grow wild in Costa Rica were analysed by gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry. Several alkaloids were identified, ...
  • Empleo de técnicas y materiales biológicos en la búsqueda de productos activos contra la malaria 

    Chinchilla Carmona, Misael; Guerrero Bermúdez, Olga Marta; Tamayo Castillo, Giselle; Sittenfeld Appel, Ana (2001)
    Se describen los métodos empleados en el estudio del efecto de extractos de insectos preparados en el Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad de Costa Rica, sobre un tipo de malaria murina producida por el Plasmodium bergheim. ...
  • Germacranolides from Mikania guaco 

    Rüngeler, Peter; Brecht, Volker; Tamayo Castillo, Giselle; Merfort, Irmgard (2001-03)
    Fourteen novel sesquiterpene lactones of the germacranolide type have been isolated from the aerial parts of Mikania guaco: six costunolide, two melampolide and six germacra-4-trans,10(14),11(13)-trien-12,6α-olide derivatives. ...
  • β-Carboline monoterpenoid glucosides from Palicourea adusta 

    Valverde, Johnny; Tamayo Castillo, Giselle; Hesse, Manfred (1999)
    Lyaloside, a monoterpenoid glucoindole alkaloid, was isolated from the leaves of Palicourea adusta together with a mixture of its hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives, (E)-O-(6′)-cinnamoyl-4″-hydroxy-3″-methoxy-lyaloside and ...
  • Inhibition of granulocyte elastase activity by caffeic acid derivatives 

    Melzig, Matthias F.; Löser, B.; Lobitz, G. O.; Tamayo Castillo, Giselle; Merfort, Irmgard (1999)
    In former studies it was shown that bornyl derivates may contribute to the anti-inflamatory activity of some drugs, such as Verbesia turbacensis, Notopterygium incisum or Coreopsis mutica.
  • Potent nor-triterpenoid blockers of the voltage-gated potassium channel Kv1.3 from Spachea correae 

    Goetz, Michael A.; Hensens, Otto D.; Zink, Deborah L.; Borris, Robert P.; Morales Quirós, Juan Francisco; Tamayo Castillo, Giselle; Slaughter, Robert S.; Felix, John P.; Ball, Richard G. (1998)
    The isolation and structure elucidation of two novel nor-triterpenoid KV1.3 potassium channel blockers correolide and dehydrocorreolide from the Costa Rican tree Spachea correae are reported. The first potent and selective ...
  • Kaurene diterpenes from Mikania vitifolia 

    Lobitz, G. O.; Tamayo Castillo, Giselle; Poveda Álvarez, Luis Jorge; Merfort, Irmgard (1998)
    From the aerial parts of Mikania vitifolia three new ent-kaurane diterpenes, ent-7α-cinnamoyloxy-15β-hydroxy-kaur-16-en-19-oic acid, ent-15β-cinnamoyloxy-7α-hydroxy-kaur-16-en-19-oic acid and ent-15β-hydroxy-7α-(E)-lachn ...
  • Diterpenes and sesquitrpenes from Mikania banisteriae 

    Lobitz, G. O.; Tamayo Castillo, Giselle; Merfort, Irmgard (1997)
    Two new ent-kaurane diterpenes, 18,19-diacetoxy-ent-kaur-16-ene and 17-oxo-ent-kaur-15(16)-en-18-oic acid, were isolated from the aerial parts of Mikania banisteriae, together with the known ent-kauranes ent-kaur-16-en-18-oic ...
  • Heliangolides from Viguiera sylvatica 

    Tamayo Castillo, Giselle; Jakupovic, Jasmin; Bohlmann, Ferdinand; Castro Araya, Víctor H. (1989)
    The extract of the aerial parts of Viguiera sylvatica gave, in addition to known heliangolides, four new heliangolides related to 1-desoxyniveusin A and one to 11,13-dihydrofuroheliangolide as well as three guaianolides, ...
  • Sesquiterpene lactones and other constituents from Calea prunifolia and C. Peckii 

    Castro Araya, Víctor H.; Tamayo Castillo, Giselle; Jakupovic, Jasmin (1989)
    A re-investigation of Calea prunifolia afforded, in addition to compounds reported previously, a new eudesmanolide, a costol acetate hydroperoxide and four aromatic compounds. Calea peckii gave a large variety of aromatic ...
  • Diterpenes from Fleischmannia hymenophylla and Brickellia laciniata 

    Jakupovic, Jasmin; Tsichritzis, Fotini; Tamayo Castillo, Giselle; Castro Araya, Víctor H.; Bohlmann, Ferdinand; Boldt, E. (1989)
    The aerial parts of Fleischmannia hymenolepis gave in addition to phytol and sesamin a new derivative of beyerene named hymenophylloide. The aerial parts of Brickellia laciniata afforded several new labdane derivatives and ...
  • (+)-α-copaen-8-one and other constituents from Neomirandea species 

    Tamayo Castillo, Giselle; Jakupovic, Jasmin; Castro Araya, Víctor H.; King, Robert M. (1989)
    The investigation of five Neomirandea species gave two known entclerodanes, a heliangolide, a cadinene and a new copaene derivative as well as some widespread compounds.
  • Ent-clerodane derivatives from chromolaena connivens 

    Tamayo Castillo, Giselle; Jakupovic, Jasmin; Bohlmann, Ferdinand; King, Robert M.; Robinson, Harold E. (1989)
    The aerial parts of Chromolaena connivens afforded in addition to widespread compounds four ent-clerodane derivatives and two epimeric prostaglandin-like acids. A second species, C. turnariensis, only gave widespread ...
  • Ent-clerodane derivatives and other constituents from representatives of the subgenus ageratina 

    Tamayo Castillo, Giselle; Jakupovic, Jasmin; Bohlmann, Ferdinand; Castro Araya, Víctor H.; King, Robert M. (1989)
    Ageratina ixiocladon afforded several p-hydroxyacetophenone derivatives and diterpenes including six new ent-clerodanes. Two further species, which are also placed in the subgenus Ageratina, gave p-hydroxyacetophenone ...
  • Seco-manool and other constituents from fleischmannia microstemon 

    Tamayo Castillo, Giselle; Castro Araya, Víctor H. (1988-01)
    The aerial parts of Fleischmannia microstemon afforded in addition to sesamin and two clerodanes, ent-manoyl oxide and two derivatives of the latter, one a 6β-acetoxy derivative and the other a seco-labdane. From F. pratensis ...
  • Germacranolides and other constituents from ageratzna species 

    Tamayo Castillo, Giselle; Jakupovic, Jasmin; Bohlmann, Ferdinand; Rojas, A.; Castro Araya, Víctor H.; King, Robert M. (1988)
    The aerial parts of Ageratina anisochroma gave several thymol derivatives including five new ones, a hydroxypiperitol glucoside, some substituted benzyl benzoates and several germacranolides related to provincialin. From ...

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