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    • Canines as a measuring tool for leaf tent construction in Dermanura watsoni 

      Villalobos Chaves, David; Barrantes Montero, Gilbert; Fuchs Castillo, Eric J.; Rodríguez Herrera, Bernal (2013)
      Many animals are capable of constructing structures to modify the environment for their own benefit. The design of these structures requires animals to perceive dimensions. However, how animals take measurements to achieve ...
    • Viscid globules in webs of the spider achaearanea tesselata (araneae: theridiidae) 

      Barrantes Montero, Gilbert; Weng, Ju Lin (2006)
      We describe the presence and dimensions of viscid globules in both the sheet and tangle portions of the webs of Achaearanea tesselata (Keyserling 1884). We found viscid globules in all sheets and tangles of the webs examined. ...