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    • A survey of software testing practices in Costa Rica 

      Quesada López, Christian Ulises; Hernández Agüero, Erika; Jenkins Coronas, Marcelo (2019-04-24)
      Software testing is an essential activity in software development projects for delivering high quality products. In a previous study, we reported the results of a survey of software engineering practices in the Costa Rican ...
    • An Empirical Evaluation of Automated Function Points 

      Quesada López, Christian Ulises; Madrigal Sánchez, Denisse; Jenkins Coronas, Marcelo (2016)
      Background: Function point analysis (FPA) has become widely used to measure software functional size in the industry. FPA is usually performed manually, which is a time consuming and expensive process. Automated Function ...
    • Identifying the implied: Findings from three differentiated replications on the use of security requirements templates 

      Riaz, Maria; King, Jason; Slankas, John; Williams, Laurie; Massacci, Fabio; Quesada López, Christian Ulises; Jenkins Coronas, Marcelo (2017)
      Identifying security requirements early on can lay the foundation for secure software development. Security requirements are often implied by existing functional requirements but are mostly left unspecified. The Security ...