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    • Distribution and Evolution of CTG Repeats at the Myotonin Protein Kinase Gene in Human Populations 

      Deka, Ranjan; Majumder, Partha P.; Shriver, Mark D.; Stivers, David N.; Zhong, Yixi; Yu, Ling Mei; Barrantes Mesén, Ramiro; Yin, Shih-Jiun; Miki, Tetsuro; Hundrieser, Joachim; Bunker, Clareann H.; McGarvey, Stephen T.; Sakallah, Sameer; Ferrell, Robert E.; Chakraborty, Ranajit (1996)
      We have analyzed the CTG repeat length and the neighboring Alu insertion/deletion (+/-) polymorphism in DNA samples from 16 ethnically and geographically diverse human populations to understand the evolutionary dynamics ...
    • Genetic variation at twentythree microsatellite loci in sixteen human populations 

      Deka, Ranjan; Shriver, Mark D.; Yu, Ling Mei; Mueller Heidreich, Elisa; Jin, Li; Zhong, Yixi; McGarvey, Stephen T.; Swarup Agarwal, Shyam; Bunker, Clareann H.; Miki, Tetsuro; Hundrieser, Joachim; Yin, Shih-Jiun; Raskin, Salmo; Barrantes Mesén, Ramiro; Ferrell, Robert E.; Chakraborty, Ranajit (1999-08)
      We have analysed genetic variation at 23 microsatellite loci in a global sample of 16 ethnically and geographically diverse human populations. On the basis of their ancestral heritage and geographic locations, the studied ...
    • Global genetic variation at nine short tandem repeat loci and implications on forensic genetics 

      Sun, Guangyun; McGarvey, Stephen T.; Bayoumi, Riad; Mulligan, Connie J.; Barrantes Mesén, Ramiro; Raskin, Salmo; Zhong, Yixi; Akey, Joshua; Chakraborty, Ranajit; Deka, Ranjan (European Journal of Human Genetics (2003) 11, 39 – 49, 2003-01)
      We have studied genetic variation at nine autosomal short tandem repeat loci in 20 globally distributed human populations defined by geographic and ethnic origins, viz., African, Caucasian, Asian, Native American and ...