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    • Derived proteins from cry genes of bacillus thuringiensis 

      Espinoza Esquivel, Ana M.; Hernández Soto, Alejandro; Ibarra, Jorge E.; Moares Ribeiro, Bergman; Monnerart Solon De Pontes, Rose; Soares Martins, Erica; Obando, Adriana; Wagner Aguiar, Raimundo (2018-10-15)
      Combinations of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) proteins and nucleic acids encoding these Bt proteins are disclosed. Plants transformed with nucleic acids encoding these Bt proteins are also disclosed
    • Método para la producción de formulaciones inyectables de productos proteicos hemoderivados y productos obtenidos utilizando dicho método 

      Segura Ruiz, Álvaro; Vargas Arroyo, Mariángela; León Montero, Guillermo; Angulo Ugalde, Yamileth; Villalta Arrieta, Mauren; Herrera Vega, María (2011-04-08)
      The invention relates to a method for producing injectable pharmaceutical formulations of blood-derived protein materials, including the steps of fractioning the source material in a polymer/salt aqueous two-phasesystem ...
    • Myotoxin-neutralizing peptides 

      Lohse, Brian; Laustsen, Andreas Hougaard; Fernández Ulate, Julián; Cob, Saioa; Lomonte, Bruno; Gutiérrez, José María (2018-03-27)
      The present invention relates to polypeptides having myotoxin-neutralizing properties and their use for treatment of envenomation. The present invention further relates to methods for neutralizing a venom using the polypeptide ...