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    • Brucella abortus Strain 2308 Wisconsin Genome: Importance of the Definition of Reference Strains 

      Suárez Esquivel, Marcela; Ruiz Villalobos, Nazareth; Castillo Zeledón, Amanda; Jiménez Rojas, César; Martin Roop II, Roy; Comerci, Diego J.; Barquero Calvo, Elías; Chacón Díaz, Carlos; Caswell, Clayton C.; Baker, Kate S.; Chaves Olarte, Esteban; Thomson, Nicholas R.; Moreno Robles, Edgardo; Letesson, Jean J.; De Bolle, Xavier; Guzmán Verri, Caterina (2016-09-29)
      Brucellosis is a bacterial infectious disease affecting a wide range of mammals and a neglected zoonosis caused by species of the genetically homogenous genus Brucella. As in most studies on bacterial diseases, research ...