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    • Un método de transformación genética de maíz para conferirle resistencia ulterior a enfermedades virales 

      Valdez Melara, Marta; Madriz Ordeñana, Kenneth; Ramírez Fonseca, Pilar (2004-09)
      A method for genetic transformation of maize for resistance to viral diseases. A system for the genetic transformation of maize was developed for two Costa Rican varieties: CR-7 and Diamantes 8843, that can allow the ...
    • The dystrophinopathies in Costa Rica 

      Azofeifa Navas, Jorge (Rev Biol Trop 52(3), 2004, 2004)
      A five-years long study aiming to describe the basic genetic epidemiology of the dystrophinopathies in Costa Rica recruited 31 patients with clinical symptoms of DMD/BMD at the National Children’s Hospital (HNN). This ...