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    • Fabricación artesanaly semi-artesanal de bloques nutricionales 

      Tobía R., Carlos; Vargas González, Emilio (2013-06-04)
      Farm and semi-industrial production of nutritional blocks. Due to the great interest among beef producers for improving productivity and reproductive performance, as well as facing the problems of feeding their livestock ...
    • Factores que afectan el contenido de sólidos en leche 

      Campabadal Herrero, Carlos (2013-06-04)
      Factors affecting milk solid content. The solid content of the milk is affected by a genetic and environmental factor, which include the age of the cow, environmental temperature, milking management, health of the cow and ...
    • Importancia del cromo en ganado lechero 

      Marín Guzmán, Jorge (2013-06-04)
      Importance of chromium nutrition in dairy cattle. A review. Chromium (Cr) essentially has been recognized for animals and humans since the early 50s. Its major role is as a component of the Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) ...