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    • Circular chains of chinese dice 

      Piza Volio, Eduardo; Schubert, Leo (2010-04-16)
            In this paper we study Chinese dice, mathematical objects similar to ordinary dice but allowing repetition among their face values.We say that a die A is preferred over a die B (written A B) if A wins more frequently ...
    • Latent class analysis in sparse data: alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in teenagers 

      Araya Alpízar, Carlomagno; Sepúlveda, Rosa (2010-04-16)
         The contribution of this study is the multidimensional approachon patterns of drug use among young people. The data come fromthe study ”Factors that influence the consumption of drugs, juvenilepopulation. Central region ...
    • On the stability of certain perturbed systems of differential equations and the relationship with the magnitude of the perturbation 

      Vázquez Silva, Efrén; Monteiro Chissoca Chitungo, Celso (2010-04-16)
         In this work we consider a class of polytopes of third order squarematrices, studied early. We obtain a condition to guarantee Hurwitzstability of each of elements of the polytope. This condition is moresimples than one ...
    • Optimal design of networks and routing of computers: practical case 

      Pérez Enríquez, Carlos; de los Cobos Silva, Sergio Gerardo (2010-04-16)
           This work introduced to the problem of routering and optimum design of networks of computers that must satisfy certain practical conditions of interconnectivity. This paper show an approach style Steiner problems, and ...
    • Repeating games and dynamical systems in oil market 

      Acuña Ortega, Osvaldo; Ulate Montero, Fernán (2010-04-16)
         We use the modern theory of repetitive games in a model that help understand a market with a cartel like OPEP. We also study a dynamical system Lotka-Volterra type, and we analyze the dynamic behavior of the model.