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    • Un Algoritmo Evolutivo para Resolver el Problema de Coloración Robusta 

      Lara Velázquez, Pedro; Gutiérrez Andrade, Miguel Ángel; Ramírez Rodríguez, Javier; López Bracho, Rafael (2012-03-22)
      Let G and \bar{G} be two complementary graphs. Given a penalty function defined over the edges of \bar{G}, it is said that the rigidity of a k-coloring of G is the summation ofthe penalties of the edges of G that join ...
    • Un Modelo Matemático para la bola de Fútbol 

      Escalante, René; Pacheco, Francisco (2012-03-01)
      This work refers to the analysis, study and resolution of the mathematical problem involved in the design and construction of the cover of a ball, such as the ones used in sports, in order to achieve a ball with optimal ...
    • Una propuesta de Modelamiento para los Sistemas de Recompensa 

      de los Cobos Silva, Sergio Gerardo; Brunet Icart, Ignasi; Pérez Salvador, Blanca Rosa; González Santoyo, Federico; Flores Romero, Beatriz (2012-03-01)
      One of the most important subjects of interest, in nearly any human activity, is the perception of salary. It could even be said that the decision of following a career depends deeply on the perspective that the individual ...