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    • Puntos fijos hiperbólicos de un difeomorfismo local del plano 

      Alvarado Jiménez, William (2009-02-18)
      An extension of J. Palis’ lambda-lemma is obtained for one case of non-transversal intersection of the stable and unstable manifolds of an hyperbolic fixed point of a C2 local diffeomorphism of R2.
    • Sobre el Teorema Tauberiano de W. Rudin 

      Mora, Marielos (2012-03-28)
      Using W. Rudin’s method it is shown that the tauberian theorem can be generalized to several kernels other than the Poisson kernel. We also proof an inverse of the tauberian theorem, that is, an abelian theorem.
    • Valores propios de Dirichlet asociados a la ecuación de Hill con potencial de ruido blanco 

      McKean, Henry; Cambronero, Santiago (2009-02-18)
      We show that Hill’s equation with white noise potential has a sequence of Dirichlet eigenvalues /lambda n that behaves almost like in the classical case, in the sense that /lambda n - n2/pi 2 has a logarithmic growth coming ...