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    • Scattering of e Polarized Whispering-Gallery mode from Concave Boundary 

      Anyutin, Alexander P.; Stasevich, V.I. (2012-03-01)
      In this work we present numerical results for the 2D problem of scattering E polarised whispering-gallery mode from concave convex perfectly conducting boundary. The results were obtained by applying the developed method ...
    • Scenario development, qualitative causal analysis and system dynamics 

      Ruge, Michael H.; Kessler, Howard; Singh, Ajit; Hejazi, Shahram (2009-02-18)
      The aim of this article is to demonstrate that technology assessments can be supported by methods such as scenario modeling and qualitative causal analysis. At Siemens, these techniques are used to develop preliminary ...
    • Sea level rise and the geoid: factor analysis approach 

      Sadovski, Alexey; Song, Hongzhi; Jeffress, Gary (2013-08-29)
      Sea levels are rising around the world, and this is a particular concern along most of the coasts of the United States. A 1989 EPA report shows that sea levels rose 5-6 inches more than the global average along the ...
    • search of hadamard matrices by turyn sequences 

      Piza Volio, Eduardo (2011-07-08)
      In this paper we study the Hadamard matrices and some algorithms to generate them. We review some theoretical aspects about Hadamard's conjecture, which asserts that every positive integer multiple of 4 is a Hadamard number. ...
    • Selección de Personal mediante Redes Neuronales Artificiales 

      Acevedo Orduña, German Leonardo; Caicedo Bravo, Eduardo Francisco; Loaiza Correa, Humberto (2011-04-29)
      We study the personnel selection problem by the application of techniques of computing intelligence for the classification of psychological patterns. The system is based on the psychological test 16-PF, for the extraction ...
    • Selective methodology of population dynamics for optimizing a multiobjective environment of job shop production 

      Ruiz, Santiago; Castrillón, Omar Danilo; Sarache, William Ariel (2015-03-18)
      This paper develops a methodology based on population genetics to improve the performance of two or more variables in job shop production systems. The methodology applies a genetic algorithm with special features in the ...
    • Sensibility concept for the discrete case in the cost sharing problem 

      Hernández Lamoneda, Luis; Macías Ponce, Julio Cesar; Sánchez Sánchez, Francisco (2013-08-29)
      Suppose that a vector is produced jointly. We will consider the problem of dividing the cost of production among a group of components. In this paper we characterized a solution through two axioms, s-sensibility and ...
    • Sensor Fusion Using Entropic measures of Dependence 

      Deignan, Paul B. (2011-07-26)
      As opposed to standard methods of association which rely on measures of central dispersion, entropic measures quantify multivalued relations. This distinction is especially important when high fidelity models of the sensed ...
    • Series de Fourier aplicadas a problemas de cálculo de variaciones con retardo 

      Salazar Solórzano, Lorena (2012-03-22)
      In this article we present an approximation of the minimizing function of the functional    J[x]=\int_0^T F(t,X(t),X(t-\tau),\dot{X}(t))dtby approximating X(t) with Cosine Fourier series expansions X_n(t). We give conditions ...
    • Shapley's value for fuzzy games 

      Alvarado Sibaja, Raúl (2009-02-18)
      This is the continuation of a previous article titled "Fuzzy Games", where I defined a new type of games based on the Multilinear extensions f, of characteristic functions and most of standard theorems for cooperative games ...
    • Shipment consolidation by terminals and vehicles 

      González Ramírez, Rosa G.; Askin, Ronald G.; Smith, Neale R.; Villalobos, René (2009-02-27)
      This project designs and implements a new module in a logistics analysis tool called”Logistika” that was developed by some graduate students in ASU. Initially, Logistikaonly had available a “Plant location module”, but ...
    • Simplificación del gradiente de la función de máxima verosimilitud del análisis factorial confirmatorio 

      Rojas Torres, Luis (2016-08-04)
      En este artículo se presenta el proceso de simplificación del gradiente de la función de máxima verosimilitud, utilizada en la estimación del Análisis Factorial Confirmatorio. El gradiente obtenido se presenta en función ...
    • Simulated Annealing–Golden section algorithm for the multiproduct replenishment problem with stochastic demand. 

      Hernández González, Salvador; Gutiérrez Andrade, Miguel Ángel; de los Cobos Silva, Sergio Gerardo (2010-07-02)
      The joint replenishment problem (JRP) has been studied for over 30 years and there are both heuristic and exact algorithms to determine the frequency of orders and fundamental cycle; in recent years ithas been considered ...
    • Simulation models generator. Applications in scheduling 

      Castrillón, Omar Danilo; Giraldo, Jaime Alberto; Sarache, William Ariel (2013-08-29)
      The aim of this study is to disseminate the academic community a prototype computer that automatically generates simulation models of a given industrial production system, in order to facilitate the learning of some ...
    • Simulation of decametric wave propagation in the ionospheric plasma 

      Kiryanova, Kseniya S.; Kryukovsky, Andrey S.; Lukin, Dmitry S. (2013-04-04)
      The decametric radiowaves propagation in the ionospheric plasmawas considered. Bicharacteristic system of equations was used in themodeling ray structures. This system, which allows finding the raypaths with great precision, ...
    • Small data existence for the Boltzmann Equation in $L^{1}$ 

      Galeano Andrades, Rafael; Ortega Palencia, Pedro; Vásquez Ávila, María Ofelia (2012-03-11)
      An existence theorem for the Boltzmann Equation with force term and small initial data is proved in an $L^{1}$ setting
    • Sobre el problema inverso de difusión 

      Mercado Escalante, José Roberto; Aldama R., Álvaro Alberto; Brambila P., F. (2009-02-20)
      Infiltration is physically described in order to model it as a diffusion stochasticprocess. Theorem M-B 1 is enunciated; whose main objective is the inverse diffusionproblem. The theorem is demonstrated in the specific ...
    • Sobre el Teorema Tauberiano de W. Rudin 

      Mora, Marielos (2012-03-28)
      Using W. Rudin’s method it is shown that the tauberian theorem can be generalized to several kernels other than the Poisson kernel. We also proof an inverse of the tauberian theorem, that is, an abelian theorem.
    • Sobre la continuidad de la proyección métrica 

      Morales, José R. (2012-03-29)
      En esta nota mostraremos que la proyección métrica asociada a subespacios de Chebyshev en espacios de Banach que poseen la propiedad ( w M) es una aplicación continua.
    • Sobre la convexidad de la función de presión en el problema de la filtración no lineal 

      Grebenev, Vladimir N (2009-02-18)
      We prove the convexity of the pressure function v for the isotropic ideal gaz flow, based on the theorem about the zeros of the solution of the parabolic equation (1)Keywords: fluid mechanics, turbulence, parabolic equation