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    • Implementation of LDG method for 3D unstructured meshes 

      Sequeira Chavarría, Filander A.; Castillo, Paul E. (2012-07-01)
      This paper describes an implementation of the Local Discontinuous Galerkin method (LDG) applied to elliptic problems in 3D. The implementation of the major operators is discussed. In particular the use of higher-order ...
    • El incremento multivariado 

      Alarcón Athens, Winston (2012-03-29)
      We develop and study a generalization to multivariate functions of the notion of increment, by mean of we can reproduce in several variables, many importants theorems of the Calculus in one variable. In particular, it is ...
    • Indentificación de Fases de la Diabetes Espontánea de un Biomodelo Murino mediante Análisis Multidimensional de Datos 

      Moscoloni, Nora; Montenegro, Silvana M.; Navone, Hugo D.; Picena, Juan Carlos; Martínez, Stella M.; Tarrés, M. Cristina (2012-03-02)
      Biomodels used in the study of diabetes allow to evaluate genetic and environmental factors. Our aim was to characterize individuals of eSS, a genetically diabetic line of rats. We applied multivariate analysis, using the ...
    • Indices of regularity and indices of randomness for m-ary strings 

      Skliar, Osvaldo; Monge, Ricardo E.; Oviedo, Guillermo; Medina, Víctor (2009-02-27)
      The notions “regularity index” and “randomness index” previously introduced forbinary strings (2-ary) have been modified slightly and generalized for m-ary strings(m = 2, 3, 4, . . .). These notions are complementary and ...
    • Infinitely oscillating wavelets and a efficient implementation algorithm based the FFT 

      Fabio, Marcela; Serrano, Eduardo P. (2015-01-01)
      In this work we present the design of an orthogonal wavelet, infinitely oscillating, located in time with decay 1/|t|n and limited-band. Its appli- cation leads to the signal decomposition in waves of instantaneous, well ...
    • Influence Factors in Private Investment in El Salvador 

      Palacios, René; Funes, Nerys (2012-03-12)
      According to many empirical studies, one aspect that determines the foundations of economic cycles in the short and medium term is the investment of capital goods since it belongs to an aggregate demand and explains the ...
    • Integral Equations for the Aggregate Claim Amount 

      Pacheco González, Carlos G. (2011-03-18)
      In the context of insurance mathematics, we study the renewal properties of the so-called aggregate claim amount for the non-discounted and the discounted case. For these models, we set integral equations for the distribution ...

      Beausoleil, Ricardo P. (2014-07-01)
      This paper presents multiobjective tabu/scatter search architecture with preference information based on reference points for problems of contin- uous nature. Features of this new version are: its interactive behavior, its ...
    • Interpretación geométrica de algunas variedades de Schubert 

      Escamilla, Juan F.; Castillo Montes, Mayra; Duarte Beza, Saúl (2012-03-29)
      In this article we give some geometrical interpretations of the Schubert-varieties of the Grassmannians G(2,4),G(3,5) and G(2, 5), and some of their applications to enumerative geometry.
    • Interstatis: the statis method for interval valued data 

      Corrales, David; Rodríguez Rojas, Oldemar (2014-04-03)
      The STATIS method, proposed by L’Hermier des Plantes and Escoufier, is used to analyze multiple data tables in which is very common that each of the tables have information concerning the same set of individuals. The ...
    • Interval Mathematics Applied to Critical Point Transitions 

      Stradi, Benito A. (2012-03-02)
      The determination of critical points of mixtures is important for both practical and theoretical reasons in the modeling of phase behavior, especially at high pressure. The equations that describe the behavior of complex ...
    • Introducción de factores de riesgo en los Métodos de Knox y Grimson para el Estudio de Conglomerados Espacio Temporales 

      Casas Cardoso, Gladys M.; Grau Abalo, Ricardo; Cardoso Romero, Gladys (2011-04-29)
      There are not infallible disease clusters methods, so it is necessary to know exactly when their results are reliable. In this paper space data were simulated using two uniform distributions and time data, following the ...
    • Invariant Manifolds in Parametric turbulent Models 

      Grebenev, Vladimir N; Chernykh, G. G. (2011-04-29)
      The article is devoted to examining the so-called local-equilibrium approximations used while modeling turbulent flows. The dynamics of a far plane turbulent wake are investigated as an example. In this article, we analyze ...
    • Isomorfismo de Conjuntos de Relaciones 

      Bulat, Mijail (2012-04-26)
      It is recommended to use a solving method for relations sets in order to solve the isomorphism problem. This method allows to solve the same problem for big size graphs, homogeneous graphs, graph systems, k-signs logic ...
    • Isomorfismo de grafos y de funciones lógicas con algunas aplicaciones 

      Bulat, Mijail (2009-02-18)
      A method to solve the isomorphism problem for graphs is suggested, which significantly decreases the number of variants to be checked. Based on the substitution of two successions, the necessary and sufficient conditions ...
    • Joint Kalman–Haar Algorithm Applied to Signal Processing 

      Viegener, Alejandro; Sirne, Ricardo O.; Sirne, Ricardo O.; Serrano, Eduardo P.; Serrano, Eduardo P.; Fabio, Marcela; Fabio, Marcela; D'Attellis, Carlos E.; D'Attellis, Carlos E. (2012-03-08)
      Under the analysis of signals disturbed by noise, in this paper we propose a working methodology aimed to seize the best estimate of combining Kalman filtering with the characterization that is achieved by applying a ...
    • K-finite decidable objects and finite cardinals in an arbitrary topos 

      Acuña Ortega, Osvaldo (2012-03-08)
      In an elemetary topos $\varepsilo$, we prove that the class of K-finite decidable objects is the same to the class of finite cardinals in E if and only if every K-finite decidable object X such that $X \longrightarrow 1$ ...
    • K-finite objects and decidability 

      Acuña Ortega, Osvaldo (2014-01-01)
      We study the k-finite and decidable objects in an elementary topos. We prove some results concerning k-finite and decidable objects.  
    • L3: the geometry of pseudoquaternions 

      Birman, Graciela Silvia (2009-02-18)
      We introduce pseudoquaternions as an effective tool to describe the vector analysis in L3 , and we use them to characterIze null curves and null cubics in S12 .Keywords: pseudoquaternions, vector analysis, null curves
    • La Ecuación de Hill con Potencial Irregular 

      Cambronero, Santiago (2012-03-29)
      We consider the Hill equation whose potential is the formal derivative of a Hölder – continuous function of parameter \theta \in (0,1), and show that solutions of the discrete version converge to solutions of the original ...