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    • Distribution Network Model Builder for OpenDSS in Open Source GIS Software 

      Quesada, Pablo; Argüello Guillén, Andrés; Quirós Tortós, Jairo; Valverde Mora, Gustavo (2016-09-21)
      This paper presents a tool to automatically generate distribution network models for the power engineering software OpenDSS. The tool was developed in a free and open source Geographical Information System (GIS) software ...
    • OpenDSS-Based Distribution Network Analyzer in Open Source GIS Environment 

      González, Róger; Argüello Guillén, Andrés; Valverde Mora, Gustavo; Quirós Tortós, Jairo (2016-09-21)
      The adoption of low carbon technologies (e.g., photovoltaic systems) is expected to increase in the near future given their contribution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, high penetrations of these new technologies ...