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    • Study of oxide bands in p-type porous silicon layers 

      Rojas Fernández, Yoselin; Hernández López, María José; Ramírez Porras, Arturo (2019)
      The interest in developing fast and reliable chemical and biochemical sensors in an inexpensive way is something that has attracted a lot of efforts in the last decades. One of the potential material candidates is ...
    • Vacuum treatment to stabilize oxidation at low temperature region in porous silicon 

      Allen, Kevin; Pereira Cubillo, Juan Sebastián; Ramírez Porras, Arturo (2020)
      Oxidation in porous silicon is studied for as-etched samples and samples subjected to high vacuum at room temperature. Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) measurements in infrared spectroscopy for temperatures ranging from ...