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    • Tsunamis and Tsunami Hazards in Central America 

      Fernández Arce, Mario; Molina, Enrique; Havskov, Jens; Kuvvet, Atakan (2000-02)
      A tsunami catalogue for Central America is compiled containing 49 tsunamis for the period 1539–1996, thirty seven of them are in the Pacific and twelve in the Caribbean. At the Caribbean side, 5 events are related with ...
    • Tsunamis and tsunami prepardness in Costa Rica, Central America 

      Fernández Arce, Mario; Alvarado Delgado, Guillermo (2005-12)
      Pacific and Atlantic sides of Costa Rica there are coastal segments characterised by a flat relief, which increases the vulnerability of the coastal communities. In addition to tsunamis originating in the Middle American ...