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  • Optical component 

    Padilla Víquez, Gerardo José (2010-02-15)
    El invento trata de un componente óptico, que comprende un primer reflector esférico y un segundo reflector esférico, el cual está colocado para reflejar un rayo de luz varias veces entre el primer reflector y el segundo ...
  • Aparato y método para evaluar microfiltración en materiales 

    Conejo Rodríguez, Elian; Chavarría Bolaños, Daniel; Pozos Guillén, Amaury (2017-03-01)
    La presente invención se relaciona al campo de la investigación o análisis de materiales por medio de la determinación de sus características físicas o químicas, más específicamente con la determinación de la permeabilidad ...
  • Diseño y simulación de un maniquí para la cuantificación del desempeño de sondas intraoperatorias gamma 

    González López, Dagoberto Eloy (2020-05-28)
    La técnica de cirugía radioguiada se basa en la utilización de una sonda detectora de radiaciones para la localización y posterior extracción a través de procedimientos quirúrgicos del tejido enfermo, el cual acumula ...
  • Fundamentals of silicene 

    Willatzen, Morten; Lew Yan Voon, Lok Chong; Guzmán Verri, Gian Giacomo (2017-08-02)
    Silicene is a single atomic layer of silicon (Si) much like graphene, the first example of an elemental twodimensional (2D) nanomaterial whose study led to the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics. Until 2010 or so, the only known ...
  • Cooperative elastic fluctuations provide tuning of the metal-insulator transition 

    Guzmán Verri, Gian Giacomo (2019)
    Metal-to-insulator transitions driven by strong electronic correlations occur frequently in condensed matter systems, and are associated with remarkable collective phenomena in solids, including superconductivity and ...
  • Relation between Luminescence and Electronic Surface Characteristics in p-type Porous Silicon 

    Weisz, S. Z.; Ramírez Porras, Arturo; Gómez, Manuel; Many, A.; Goldstein, Yehuda; Savir, Esther (1997)
    Measurements of photoluminescence, electronic surface states and effective surface area, at various stages of the anodization process, are presented. The results show a behavior different from that observed on n-type porous Si.
  • Phototransport Properties of a-SiC:H Alloys 

    Balberg, I.; Nery, Guillermo; Ramírez Porras, Arturo; Resto, O.; Weisz, S. Z.; Lubianiker, Y. (1995)
    We report a study of the mobility-lifetime products of the two charge carriers in a-SiC:H alloys. The measurements were carried out as a function of the carbon concentration and the temperature. An analysis, relying on the ...
  • Vacuum treatment to stabilize oxidation at low temperature region in porous silicon 

    Allen, Kevin; Pereira Cubillo, Juan Sebastián; Ramírez Porras, Arturo (2020)
    Oxidation in porous silicon is studied for as-etched samples and samples subjected to high vacuum at room temperature. Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) measurements in infrared spectroscopy for temperatures ranging from ...
  • Pressure dependence of ferroelectric quantum critical fluctuation 

    Coak, Matthew J.; Haines, Charles Robert Sebastian; Liu, Cheng; Guzmán Verri, Gian Giacomo; Saxena, Siddharth S. (2019-12-13)
    Phase transitions to a long-range-ordered state driven by a softened phonon mode are ubiquitous across condensed matter physics, but the evolution of such a mode as the system is tuned to or from the transition has never ...
  • Exact solution of an ekpyrotic fluid and a primordial magnetic field in an anisotropic cosmological space-time of Petrov D 

    Alvarado Marín, Rodrigo Eduardo (2017)
    This document obtained and analyzed an exact solution of an ekpyrotic fluid (P = 5/3 µ) and a primordial magnetic field, so that the latter does not induce currents or electric fields. It is determined that the main role, ...
  • Exact Solutions of a Chaplygin Gas in an Anisotropic Space-Time of Petrov D 

    Alvarado Marín, Rodrigo Eduardo (2017)
    This document obtains two exact solutions to the anisotropic spacetime of Petrov D by using the model of a perfect fluid. These solutions represent a scenario of a universe in which the pressure P and the energetic density ...
  • A study of a coronal hole associated with a large filament eruption 

    Gutiérrez Garro, Heidy; Taliashvili Enacolopas, Lela; Lazarian, Alexandre; Mouradian, Zadig (2017)
    We report the results of a detailed study of an equatorial coronal hole and a dimming region related to the eruptions of a nearby large filament and subsequent coronal mass ejections (CMEs). The dynamic eruptions of the ...
  • Do Magnetic Fields Destroy Black Hole Accretion Disk g-Modes? 

    Ortega Rodríguez, Manuel; Solís Sánchez, Hugo; Arguedas Leiva, José Agustín; Wagoner, Robert V.; Levine, Adam (2015-08-04)
    Diskoseismology, the theoretical study of normal-mode oscillations in geometrically thin, optically thick accretion disks, is a strong candidate for explaining some quasi-periodic oscillations in the power spectra of many ...
  • Study of oxide bands in p-type porous silicon layers 

    Rojas Fernández, Yoselin; Hernández López, María José; Ramírez Porras, Arturo (2019)
    The interest in developing fast and reliable chemical and biochemical sensors in an inexpensive way is something that has attracted a lot of efforts in the last decades. One of the potential material candidates is ...
  • Quantum Ferroelectric Instabilities in Superconducting SrTiO3 

    Arce Gamboa, José Rafael; Guzmán Verri, Gian Giacomo (2018)
    We examine the effects of strain and cation substitution on the superconducting phase of polar semiconductors near a ferroelectric quantum phase transition with a model that combines a strong coupling theory of ...
  • Negative Thermal Expansion in Open Perovskites near the Precipice of Structural Stability 

    Occhialini, Connor A.; Guzmán Verri, Gian Giacomo; Handunkanda, Sahan U.; Hancock, Jason N. (2018)
    Negative thermal expansion (NTE) describes the anomalous propensity of materials to shrink when heated. Since its discovery, the NTE effect has been found in a wide variety of materials with an array of magnetic, electronic ...
  • The Hubble Constant and the Deceleration Parameter in Anisotropic Cosmological Spaces of Petrov type D 

    Alvarado Marín, Rodrigo Eduardo (2016-11)
    In this paper the Hubble parameter and the deceleration parameter are analyzed for a group of anisotropic homogeneous solutions of the Petrov type-D. It is obtained that for the said set of solutions can be constructed a ...
  • Cosmological Exact Solutions Set of a Perfect Fluid in an Anisotropic Space-Time in Petrov Type D 

    Alvarado Marín, Rodrigo Eduardo (2016-06)
    In this document a set of exact solutions is obtained by using the model of a perfect fluid on an homogeneous and anisotropic space-time that belongs to (Local Rotational Symmetry) Petrov’s type D. This solutions represent ...
  • The gigaelectronvolt counterpart of ver j2019+407 in the northern shell of the supernova remnant g78.2+2.1 (γ cygni) 

    Fraija Cabrera, Nissim Illich; Araya Arguedas, Miguel (2016-07)
    Analysis of gamma-ray emission from the supernova remnant G78.2+2.1 (γ Cygni) with 7.2 years of cumulative data from the Fermi Large Area Telescope shows a distinct hard, bright, and extended component to the north of the ...
  • (Hydro)climatological studies of climate change and variability in Central America 

    Hidalgo León, Hugo G. (2018-06-26)
    This is the presentation of Hugo Hidalgo at the CORDEX Central America and South America Training Workshop on Downscaling Techniques, in La Paz, Bolivia, June 25 to 27, 2018.

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