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    • Identification of circadian gene variants in bipolar disorder in Latino populations 

      Gonzalez, Robert; González, Suzanne; Villa, Erika; Ramírez, Mercedes; Zavala, Juan Manuel; Armas, Regina; Contreras Rojas, Javier; Dassori, Albana; Leach, Robin J.; Flores, Deborah; Jerez, Álvaro; Raventós Vorst, Henriette; Ontiveros Sánchez de la Barquera, Jose Alfonso; Nicolini Sánchez, José Humberto; Escamilla, Michael (2015)
      Background: Variations in circadian genes can impact biological rhythms. Given the rhythm disturbances that characterize bipolar disorder (BD), genes encoding components of molecular clocks are good candidate genes for ...
    • Substance use disorder comorbidity with schizophrenia in families of Mexican and Central American Ancestry 

      Jiménez Castro, Lorena; Hare, Elizabeth; Medina, Rolando; Nicolini Sánchez, José Humberto; Mendoza Rodríguez, Ricardo; Ontiveros Sánchez de la Barquera, Jose Alfonso; Jerez, Álvaro; Muñoz, Rodrigo; Dassori, Albana; Escamilla, Michael; Raventós Vorst, Henriette (Schizophrenia Research 120 (2010) 87–94, 2010)
      Objectives:The aims of this study were to estimate the frequency and course of substances use disorders in Latino patients with schizophrenia and to ascertain risk factors associated with substance use disorders in this ...