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    • A time- and cost-effective strategy to sequence mammalian Y Chromosomes: an application to the de novo assembly of gorilla Y 

      Tomaszkiewicz, Marta; Rangavittal, Samarth; Cechova, Monika; Campos Sánchez, Rebeca; Fescemyer, Howard W.; Harris, Robert; Ye, Danling; O'Brien, Patricia C.M.; Chikhi, Rayan; Ryder, Oliver A.; Ferguson Smith, Malcolm A.; Medvedev, Paul; Makova, Kateryna D.; Campos Sánchez, Rebeca (2016-02)
      The mammalian Y Chromosome sequence, critical for studying male fertility and dispersal, is enriched in repeats and palindromes, and thus, is the most difficult component of the genome to assemble. Previously, expensive ...
    • Reverse Transcription Errors and RNA-DNA Differences at Short Tandem Repeats 

      Fungtammasan, Arkarachai; Tomaszkiewicz, Marta; Campos Sánchez, Rebeca; Eckert, Kristin A.; DeGiorgio, Michael; Makova, Kateryna D. (2016-07-12)
      Transcript variation has important implications for organismal function in health and disease. Most transcriptome studies focus on assessing variation in gene expression levels and isoform representation. Variation at the ...