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    • Fractional order model identification: Computational optimization 

      Guevara Betancourt, Edder; Meneses Navarro, Helber; Arrieta Orozco, Orlando; Vilanova Arbós, Ramón; Visioli, Antonio; Padula, Fabrizio (2015-10-26)
      This paper deals with the identification of fractional models with one fractional parameter. This kind of models are capable to represent an extensive range of dynamics, including overdamped and oscillatory behaviors. The ...
    • Multi-objective optimal tuning of two degrees of freedom PID controllers using the ENNC method 

      Contreras Leiva, Mónica Patricia; Rivas Zúñiga, Francisco; Rojas Fernández, José David; Arrieta Orozco, Orlando; Vilanova Arbós, Ramón; Barbu, Marian (2016-10-13)
      In this paper the Enhanced Normalized Normal Constrained method is applied to find the optimal tuning of second order PID controllers. This tuning takes into account both the servo and regulatory modes simultaneously, as ...
    • Robustness/performance tradeoff for anisochronic plants with two degrees of freedom PID controllers 

      Espinoza Bolaños, Mauricio; Rojas Fernández, José David; Vilanova Arbós, Ramón; Arrieta Orozco, Orlando (2015)
      In this paper, the anisochronic model (which is able to represent both over-damped and under-damped process with the same topology) is used for the tuning of PI and PID controllers. The relationship between robustness and ...