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dc.creatorRobertson, Jeanne M.
dc.creatorLips, Karen R.
dc.creatorHeist, Edward J.
dc.descriptionDispersal capabilities determine and maintain local gene flow, and this has implications for population persistence and/or recolonization following environmental perturbations (natural or anthropogenic), disease outbreaks, or other demographic collapses. To predict recolonization and understand dispersal capacity in a stream-breeding frog, we examined individual movement patterns and gene flow among four subpopulations of the Neotropical glassfrog, Centrolene prosoblepon, at a mid-elevation cloud forest site at El Copé, Panama. We measured male movement directly during a two year mark-recapture study, and indirectly with gene flow estimates from mitochondrial DNA sequences (mtDNA). Individuals of this species showed strong site fidelity: over two years, male frogs in all four headwater streams moved very little (mean = 2.33 m; mode = 0 m). Nine individuals changed streams within one or two years, moving 675-1 108 m. For those males moving more than 10 m, movement was biased upstream (p < 0.001). Using mtDNA ND1 gene sequences, we quantified gene flow within and among headwater streams at two spatial scales: among headwater streams within two adjacent watersheds (2.5 km2) and among streams within a longitudinal gradient covering 5.0 km2. We found high gene flow among headwater streams (φST = 0.007, p = 0.325) but gene flow was more limited across greater distances (φCT = 0.322, p = 0.065), even within the same drainage network. Lowland populations of C. prosoblepon potentially act as an important source of colonists for upland populations in this watershed.en
dc.publisherUniversidad de Costa Ricaen
dc.rightsCopyright (c) 2014 International Journal of Tropical Biology and Conservationen
dc.sourceRevista de Biología Tropical/International Journal of Tropical Biology and Conservation; Vol. 56 (1) March 2008en
dc.sourceRevista de Biología Tropical/International Journal of Tropical Biology and Conservation; Vol. 56 (1) March 2008es-ES
dc.titleFine scale gene flow and individual movements among subpopulations of Centrolene prosoblepon (Anura: Centrolenidae)en

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