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    • Freeze-dried snake antivenoms formulated with sorbitol, sucrose or mannitol: Comparison of their stability in an accelerated test 

      Herrera Vega, María; Tattini Jr., Virgilio; Pitombo, Ronaldo N. M.; Gutiérrez, José María; Borgognoni, Camila; Vega Baudrit, José; Solera, Federico; Cerdas Solís, Maykel; Segura Ruiz, Álvaro; Villalta Arrieta, Mauren; Villalta Arrieta, Mauren; Vargas Arroyo, Mariángela; León Montero, Guillermo (2014-11)
      Freeze-drying is used to improve the long term stability of pharmaceutical proteins. Sugars and polyols have been successfully used in the stabilization of proteins. However, their use in the development of freeze-dried ...