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    • Autocatalytic acylation of phospholipase-like myotoxins 

      Pedersen, J. Z.; Lomonte, Bruno; Massoud, R.; Gubensek, F.; Gutiérrez, José María; Rufini, Stefano (1995-04)
      Several snake venoms contain a phospholipase A2 in which position 49 in the active site is occupied by a lysine or a serine instead of the aspartate residue normally found. Although these proteins do not bind Ca2+ and are ...
    • Calcium ion independent membrane leakage induced by phospholipase-like myotoxins 

      Rufini, Stefano; Cesaroni, P.; Desideri, A.; Farias, R.; Gubensek, F.; Gutiérrez, José María; Luly, P.; Massoud, R.; Morero, R.; Pedersen, J. Z. (1992-12)
      The two snake venom myotoxins ammodytin L and myotoxin II, purified respectively from Vipera ammodytes ammodytes and Bothrops asper, have phospholipase-like structures but lack an Asp-49 in the active site and are without ...
    • Comparative study of the cytolytic activity of myotoxic phospholipases A2 on mouse endothelial (tEnd) and skeletal muscle (C2C12) cells in vitro 

      Lomonte, Bruno; Angulo Ugalde, Yamileth; Rufini, Stefano; Cho, Wonhwa; Giglio, José Roberto; Ohno, Motoroni; Daniele, José Julían; Geoghegan, Patricia; Gutiérrez, José María (1999-01)
      A rapid in vitro cytolytic effect of some myotoxic phospholipases A2 (PLA2s) isolated from the venoms of Viperidae snakes has been previously described. This study was undertaken to investigate if cytolytic activity is a ...