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    • Arboviral encephalitis in Costa Rican horses: 2009-2016 

      Jiménez Rojas, César; Romero, Mario; Piche Ovares, María Marta; Baldi, Mario; Alfaro Alarcón, Alejandro; Chaves, Andrea; Morales, J.; León Rodríguez, Bernal Alberto; Hutter, Sabine Elisabeth; Corrales Aguilar, Eugenia (2016-12)
      Arbovirus of the genus Alphavirus and Flavivirus can cause febrile illness and sometimes neurological disease in both humans and animals. West Nile Virus (WNV), Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus (EEEV), Western Equine ...
    • Brucella abortus Strain 2308 Wisconsin Genome: Importance of the Definition of Reference Strains 

      Suárez Esquivel, Marcela; Ruiz Villalobos, Nazareth; Castillo Zeledón, Amanda; Jiménez Rojas, César; Martin Roop II, Roy; Comerci, Diego J.; Barquero Calvo, Elías; Chacón Díaz, Carlos; Caswell, Clayton C.; Baker, Kate S.; Chaves Olarte, Esteban; Thomson, Nicholas R.; Moreno Robles, Edgardo; Letesson, Jean J.; De Bolle, Xavier; Guzmán Verri, Caterina (2016-09-29)
      Brucellosis is a bacterial infectious disease affecting a wide range of mammals and a neglected zoonosis caused by species of the genetically homogenous genus Brucella. As in most studies on bacterial diseases, research ...
    • Brucella canis Is an Intracellular Pathogen That Induces a Lower Proinflammatory Response than Smooth Zoonotic Counterparts 

      Chacón Díaz, Carlos; Altamirano Silva, Pamela; González Espinoza, Gabriela; Medina, María Concepción; Alfaro Alarcón, Alejandro; Bouza Mora, Laura; Jiménez Rojas, César; Wong Araya, Melissa; Barquero Calvo, Elías; Rojas Campos, Norman; Guzmán Verri, Caterina; Moreno Robles, Edgardo; Chaves Olarte, Esteban (2015-11-10)
      Canine brucellosis caused by Brucella canis is a disease of dogs and a zoonotic risk. B. canis harbors most of the virulence determinants defined for the genus, but its pathogenic strategy remains unclear since it has not ...