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    • Attività fisica ed idratazione: quando l’acqua non basta 

      Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (2005-10)
      During sports training and games, thermoregulation may be a challenge when environmental conditions are hot and/or humid. In addition, limited opportunities to drink may promote dehydration and exacerbate the thermoregulatory ...
    • Incomplete warm-climate post-exercise rehydration with water, coconut water, or a sports drink 

      Madriz Dávila, Karol; Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 32(5s), 238., 2011-10-01)
      It is common to find mild to serious dehydration during exercise in hot, humid conditions. To restore euhydration, the literature shows that a fluid volume larger than sweat loss should be ingested post-exercise; ingestion ...
    • Thirst perception tracks well with acute dehydration even after a cold shower 

      Capitán Jiménez, Catalina; Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (2012-11-06)
      Purpose: to determine if Engell’s 9-point subjective scale of thirst perception (TP) is able to detect varying levels of hypohydration after exercise in the heat. In addition, we wished to evaluate the susceptibility of ...