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    • Chloroplast genomes as a tool to resolve red algal phylogenies: a case study in the Nemaliales 

      Costa, Joana F.; Lin, Showe-Mei; Macaya, Erasmo C.; Fernández García, Cindy; Verbruggen, Heroen (2016)
      Obtaining strongly supported phylogenies that permit confident taxonomic and evolutionary interpretations has been a challenge in algal biology. High-throughput sequencing has improved the capacity to generate data and ...
    • Eastern Pacific 

      Ruiz Robinson, Néstor Manuel; Fernández García, Cindy; Riosmena Rodríguez, Rafael; Rosas Alquicira, Edgar F.; Konar, Brenda; Chenelot, Heloise; Jewett, Stephen C.; Melzer, Roland R.; Meyer, Roland; Försterra, Günter; Häussermann, Vreni; Macaya, Erasmo C. (2017)
      In the Eastern Pacific (EP) the only region where rhodolith beds have been well studied in terms of taxonomy, ecology, distribution and conservation status is the Gulf of California. Outside this region the knowledge of ...